Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our work experience

Hi ! Today we let you know about our work experience :

"I did my work experience at a lawyer’s chambers because I want to be a lawyer. I got to see how lawyers work and I had the opportunity to attend court hearings. My work experience was so fantastic ! If I could, I would have stayed longer !"

"I spent work experience week at Sylicone, a post-production company. They do all the work that has to be done after the shooting of a movie including editing and sound effects. The company is located at métro station Bastille. It is a very big company. It was founded in 1984 by a man who is still the director today. The company works on movies and television programmes. It was amazing and I was very happy to do my work experience there."

“During work experience week I went to an IT company (an Information Technology company). I stayed with the maintenance guy. I helped him when he had a problem to solve but essentially, I looked at what he was doing during the week. Each time he had to go to a client’s office, I went with him. We had to solve the problems our customers encountered with their computer. I think it was a good experience because I learnt a lot of things about computers and IT.”

“I had my work experience in a communication and advertising agency. I had to classify folders, publish advertisements about theater plays and other shows. I also had to make a calendar with all the events that the company is responsible for. It was a little bit tiresome but I enjoyed that work experience.”

"I did my work experience at a chemist’s.
When I arrived on monday, the pharmacist gave me a smock to wear.
During my work experience, I learnt to check the orders of medicines. When the orders were delivered to the shop, I checked if all the medicines had arrived and after that I put them away in the back-shop. I watched what the pharmacist had to do : he made some recommendations to the patients and told them how to use the medication. The chemist’s shop in which I did my work experience was small : there were just two employees, the pharmacist and his assistant. The logo of the chemist’s shop is the green cross. The pharmacist’s job consists in selling medicine to patients."

“In France, year 10 students have to go on work experience during a week.
In our collège, it took place from December 10th to December 15th. I did it in a dental centre called "Centre René Laborie". I had to make the appointements and serve the coffee. I saw a lot of interesting tasks : the treatment of dental decay, pulpotomy, the placement of dental implants and bridges...
I liked this work experience, because I got to see the job of a dentist. I wanted to become a dentist. Now, I am sure I want to enter that profession !”

“During the four days of my work experience, I went to a nursery school. I really enjoyed that, it was fabulous ! I learnt so much, and I want to be a teacher later.
To be a teacher, you have to be very very patient, creative and you must love children!
During my work experience, I was very close to the chidren. I learnt with them, I played with them, I had so much fun with them. One day, I took one hundred photos of grimaces with Nine, a cute girl. I really loved it.”

“For five days, I did my work experience at a day nursery because I love children and I want to look after children later. The building was the one where I was when I was a child. I started every day at 8:30 am and I finished at 4:00 pm. Work experience for me was very interesting. I would really like to have others.”

“I went on work experience in a small sewing business. The dressmaker had only two employees. During the week I made a table runner. It was difficult because I could not stop pricking myself with needles. But it has been a good work experience anyway.”

“I did my work experience in a communication agency near the métro station Marcadet-Poissonniers. The journey wasn't very long as I live 5 minutes from the agency. I didn't do anything exceptional during my work experience, I only watched the staff do their job. They had to work on the computer or scan documents. I liked this week, it was interesting and I discovered the working world. I wouldn't like to have this job because I want to be a journalist."

"I did my work experience in a food store. I went on work experience for a week, from Monday December 10th to December 15th. The man I worked with was nice. I helped him tidy up and put away the goods.  Finally, I don't like this job but it was an interesting experience and it was a good week."

Published by the French team