Friday, June 28, 2013

Farewell !

Hi everybody and thanks for your  messages ! 

Here are our final farewells :

It was interesting to write to you and I hope you will have a great future. (Freja)

It was fun to write to you, Jeanne. (Anne)

Thanks for everything this year and good luck in the future. (Cecilie N.)

Thanks for everything this year and good luck for the rest of your lives.... Bye, bye! (Julie P.)

Thank you for all the letters and have a great vacation! (Kevin)

Hello France, Jakob here. I would just like to thank you again for all your fantastic letters and activity on the blog. We weren't so active and I'm sorry about that. (Jakob)

It was nice to know you! (Oliver)

Hi, I didn't write many letters but it was fun anyway. (Benjamin)

Bye pen pals. Have a good summer and a good life! (Sune)

Thanks for all the letters. It was fun to know you. (Cecilie W.)

It was fun writing to you. (Sarah)

It was nice to know you. (Lasse)

Bye and thanks for the blog and the letters. Have a great future. (Daniella)

Thank you for the blog this year and all the best in the future. (Frederikke)

Bye and thank you for writing to us. (Kristian)

Thank you for all the letters. It was fun writing to you. (Julie E.)

Thanks for the many letters. (Rasmus)

Thanks for all the amazing letters. Have a great vacation. (Asbjørn)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


       I chose Yellowstone for my project on the USA and I made a Power Point presentation and a talk. I chose Yellowstone because it was interesting.
      I found out about a lot of new things. For example the park is called Yellowstone because of the Yellowstone Lake. I also found out about what a caldera is and how many earthquakes there are a  year. A caldera is a lake on a volcano which is created when an empty magma chamber collapses. With time the collapsed chamber will be filled up with water. In Yellowstone there are about 3000 earthquakes a year. The last three super eruptions were 2,1 mio. 1,2 mio. and 640.000 mio. years ago.
      It was fun to read and write about Yellowstone.

Rasmus B.N.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bye bye !

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our school trip to England

Hello, hello ! We haven't been in contact for long. We had mock exams, the spring holidays and then our one week school trip to the south east of England. We went to Leeds, Brighton, Arundel, Hastings and Rye from May 20th to the 24th. Here is what some of us can say about it :

Two weeks ago, I went on my first school trip to England.
However, last year I had been to England, but to London, with my family.
Every evening, we went to our host family's house. My host family was very nice with me. However, I didn't like the food, because I couldn't eat meat so the sandwiches were not very good. I can say I hoped to eat a steak when I return to my home.
We visited a lot of castles. My favourite place was the Royal  Pavilion in Brighton. It looked like an Indian palace, but the rooms were Chinese. It was just wonderful. The king was lucky !
We also visited Hastings. Hastings is situated in 1066 country, in east Sussex, near Bexhill and Rye. It was one of the first castles built by William the Conqueror after the battle of Hastings in 1066 between him and king Harold.
We started with a visit of "Smugglers' Adventure". It is a place where there are a lot of caves where the smugglers used to hide tea, alcohol... In the caves, there were a lot of animations. We saw a film about the story of the smugglers. We had to lift 1 Kg of tea with and without a pulley... I can say that without the pulley, it is very different (and heavier).
After that, we visited the ruins of the castle. It was huge, and the landscape was just wonderful ! We took a lot of pictures.
Finally, we ate our sandwiches. However, It hailed so we did some shopping in the town of Hastings and we returned to Brighton (to continue the shopping). 
I think this castle was very interesting (and impressive for the invaders of that time). 
Between the visits, we laughed a lot on the coach. I played video games, I read books, I spoke with my friends....
My only disappointements were the food and the weather, because it rained during three days. However, I liked this trip very much and I hope I will go on another trip next year!     

I liked the trip because the visits were interesting but the visit of the Royal Pavilion was too long. I preferred the ferry to the train because I’m claustrophobic and the journey by coach to go to Brighton was too long. I was very tired because the visits were long and we walked a lot. The shopping was boring. On top of that, the weather was very bad and now I am sick.
However, the family was very nice and the food was delicious. I missed nothing because I was with Joachim. I learned new words because Joachim and me spoke a lot with our family. For me, the best  visit was the visit of Leeds Castle.
On the whole, I keep a good memory of the trip.  

My host mother and my host father were friendly and thoughtful. When we arrived, the mother, Kate, was cooking three pizzas. Bob showed us our room : four beds ! It was perfect ! After that we went into the kitchen to eat our delicious pizzas. We were with a nice family  !
The mother was very talkative (even her husband said that), the ideal to improve our English. We spoke about French celebrities, about our school, our parents’ job, our favorite hobbies…
There were two cats : Henry, a grumpy cat, and Loulou, a very sociable and friendly cat. She slept with us every night. And there was a dog, Indie, who was very playful. Lola, Emilia and I played in the big garden with Indie and a Teddy Bear. We had great fun.
For dinner, we ate very well : hot-dog, hamburger, pizza, chips...!
On the first night Kate proposed to Emilia, Lola and myself to play cards. It was amazing, and we even taught them how to play a French game, “Kem’s”.

On the 23rd of May we visited the ruins of Hastings Castle in the morning. To go to the castle we took a funicular. The castle was not very far from my host family's house. The teachers took photos of the students. The castle seemed very big. It rained a lot so we didn’t stay long on the ruins. We ate our sandwiches near the funicular and then we went to Smugglers’ Adventure and St Clement's Cave. It's a cave that was used by smugglers. There were voices that told the history of the cave and it told stories. There were special effects too, to scare the visitors. Smugglers Adventure was great but not really frightening. It  was a good day ! 

Our coach went into a train at Calais
Hastings Castle
We visited the Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Leeds Castle
A peacock at Leeds Castle
Flowers in the garden of Arundel Castle

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