Saturday, January 19, 2013

A visit to an art exhibition in Paris

Hello and Happy New Year to you all ! We enjoyed reading your posts and your new year's resolutions. We are back after our work experience week and the Christmas holidays. Today we write about our school outing to the Edward Hopper exhibition and we will post on our work experience next. You can read the presentations and stories we wrote on our favourite paintings by Hopper by clicking on the links to our school's website :

We left our school with Mrs Serdar our English teacher, with our Art teacher and with our school librarian at 9:30 a.m, and we went by subway to the Grand-Palais to see the Hopper exhibition. 
There, we met a guide who escorted us for 2 hours, and explained in details all about Edward Hopper’s works.
We were very lucky because this exhibition has a tremendous success in Paris and there were a lot of people queueing at the entrance.
I was impressed by the work of Hopper and the way he painted the American middle classes, their melancholy and loneliness in modern cities.   Jeanne, 3e1

On the 21st of December in 2012, my class went to the " Grand Palais ", a museum, to see an exhibition on the very famous paintings of Edward Hopper. When we arrived the woman who presented the exhibition explained us a lot of things about Hopper, his teachers and his paintings. We saw several paintings.  Victoria, 3e1

With our class 3ème1 we went to the museum to visit The Edward Hopper exhibition. He was a famous American painter that we studied in the English class. During this morning, we saw a lot of his paintings and of course the most famous "Nighthawks". I liked this visit.  

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