Wednesday, June 26, 2013


       I chose Yellowstone for my project on the USA and I made a Power Point presentation and a talk. I chose Yellowstone because it was interesting.
      I found out about a lot of new things. For example the park is called Yellowstone because of the Yellowstone Lake. I also found out about what a caldera is and how many earthquakes there are a  year. A caldera is a lake on a volcano which is created when an empty magma chamber collapses. With time the collapsed chamber will be filled up with water. In Yellowstone there are about 3000 earthquakes a year. The last three super eruptions were 2,1 mio. 1,2 mio. and 640.000 mio. years ago.
      It was fun to read and write about Yellowstone.

Rasmus B.N.

Published by the Danish team.